Saturday, April 13, 2013

Scatterday - A

This week's categories:
# house
# bird
# junk
# art from/for/in your sewing room

American Cottage, built in 1885 in Coburg, nowhere near America. This is not my photo, as I forgot to go for a walk past it until it was too dark. This one is taken from its heritage-listing page.

Screen-shot of the Alcoa eagles. This was 11 days ago when the two eaglets were about a week old.  Below is a shot from a couple of days ago. They haven't grown as dramatically as it appears; the camera was zoomed in closer. But they are much bigger; their wings are getting longer and their talons are developing:
I'm glad I got these screen-shots when I did, as the camera was apparently hit by lightning in a storm on Thursday, and is now offline. Here's the link to it, but who knows when they will be back online.
Do baby bald eagles think the whole world smells of dead fish?

This fire alarm was for sale on a junk stall at Camberwell market last week. What would one do with an inoperable fire alarm?

I'm not an artist. No art comes from my sewing room. I do have a few art books in it, but went with this instead. It's actually a dress I made of fabric featuring slightly odd interpretations of impressionist artworks. The dress, I'm afraid, was not a success.

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  1. Wonderful ideas, Vireya! I am willing the house to be the one in 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe'; will be keeping a daily check on the chicks and parents; well, the alarm...'If it stands still decorate/quilt it'; on 14 July I'm sure you would find a table in any French restaurant in Melbourne!

  2. Great ideas, love the eagles and the house. Wonder is anyone bought the Alarm......did you?

  3. Great photos Vireya. Love the old fire alarm.

  4. great ideas, love the house but wonder about cleaning the cobwebs. Did you buy the fire alarm I have two old fire extinquishers.

  5. I just love your birds and the house...

  6. Fabulous interpretations Vireya. Would have loved to see the dress in full....