Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Contribution

Hard rubbish collection day is tomorrow, so today I put out the items I wanted rid of:
I know, the ladder looks OK, but it doesn't fold up anymore, so takes up a lot of space and can't actually be used for anything practical. I'm always amazed when people throw out usable items, but I didn't expect much of this to actually go to landfill.
Approximately two minutes later, the first item was grabbed:
I told him that it couldn't be folded, but he wasn't too fussed. It just made it a bit tricky for him to load it onto his truck.

By late this afternoon, only a couple of items remained. (Added later - before it was collected to go to landfill, everything except a rusty iron bar and a strip of perspex had gone to new homes). Further down the street I helped a girl load a table into the back of her car. I've tried to avoid collecting stuff myself this year, but I've seen some interesting items go to new homes.

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  1. Very successful up-cycling, Vireya. What a happy camper LadderMan is! I'm pleased none took your beautiful roses.