Monday, March 4, 2013

Seedlings Update

The drooping sheoak, Allocasuarina verticillata (stricta), seedlings which began emerging on 20th February are starting to look like sheoaks already:
Sheoak leaves are just scales on their stems. If you enlarge this picture you may be able to see the individual scales. I'm finding them fascinating because I've never grown them before.

And because my first picture of a messmate, Eucalyptus obliqua, wasn't quite in focus, here's another one which has just popped up:
To give you an idea of the size of these, the tubes they are planted in (see top picture) are 5cm square (2") and the gravel in each is the same. The leaves on the messmate are only a couple of millimetres across. They will need to grow a bit before I can see them without my glasses.

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  1. Fascinatring, vireya. Where did you get the seeds from. We hope to plant a new section in natives and this sounds like a fun way to do it.