Saturday, March 16, 2013

Scatterday - D

Here it is, Scatterday again, and this time it nearly Defeated me!
Something Humorous
Quilty Display

I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone else handled this category. I considered linking to a YouTube video of babies laughing at dogs, because it was guaranteed to make almost anyone laugh. But it has been taken down due to a copyright claim, so no-one's laughing now. Instead, here's something that sometimes makes me laugh, and perhaps more frequently makes me shake my head in disbelief:
The Daily Show.

I'm calling these dragon's feet! Found on a cabinet at a second-hand store which hasn't been dusted or vacuumed for a while.

Found in the same place, an apparently fully-functional dentist's chair. Hard to resist at only $999!

Quilty display:
I did actually go to a quilt show yesterday, which I thought would provide a photo for this category. But then I saw this cross-stitched picture which includes a display of quilts for sale at a market.

You can see how everyone else handled this challenge by checking the links in the right-hand margin of Cinzia's blog.


  1. What fantastic feet..dragon or not. Can you imagine what kind of house would be suit furniture like that...definitely not the kind that would want a dentist chair.
    I once bought a pattern like you stitchery. Alas though after many years I sold it..the pattern because I hadn't even started the stitchery.

  2. Great feet - furniture was more adventurous in days gone by. The quilty cross stitch is lovely, but I'm another who could never come to grips with it. It's quilting for me!

  3. I am pleased those feet/claws are not sitting on my head or arm! You had me laughing bout all 4 pics, Vireya. My dentist has a 'harder-than-nails chair just like that one. What a find the tapestry is! they must have known a D-scatterer was coming. A very entertaining selection.

  4. now don't we all need a Dentists chair.
    Love the old furniture.

  5. Love the old table and the feet that it has! Not sure about the dentist's chair though. Great photos for 'D'.

  6. One of my favourite bits in Ruth Parks autobiography is where she describes her brother-in-law sleeping in a dentists' chair in a shop front during the post-war housing shortage. So there you could get that item of furniture for desperate house-guests . . . oh--and I too love the dragon's feet!

  7. Hi Vireya,
    Good pick up on the Dragons Feet (Claw & Ball furniture feet)- I could have photographed my Mum's Coffee Table!

  8. Love your dragon's feet, but not impressed with the dentist's chair. My maternal; grandfather was a dentist, when I see that chair, it frightens me as to what would have to be done. Dentists are not on my Christmas card list!!!. Great Photos Vireya.