Saturday, March 2, 2013

Scatterday - I

This week's scatterday letter is:

And our categories are money, tools, metal, and inchies from the sewing room.

Indian rupees. After searching through multiple pieces of luggage, this is all I could find. A 10-rupee note and a 1-rupee coin, together worth approximately 20 cents Australian at current exchange rates.

Irwin brand tools at the hardware store.

Iron dog in the garden.

Inchies in my sewing room:
I don't do inch-things in my sewing room (if I can possibly avoid it), so here's a selection of metric quilting rulers. I haven't used inches since Australia went metric when I was at school 40 years ago. However, when I drink a cuppa at my machine I use this coaster, which a friend made for me using 1-inch squares.
So there is something like an inchie in my sewing room after all.

See everyone else's "I" finds via the links on Cinzia's blog here.


  1. Hi, Vireya! The animal design on the rupee could make a dramatic quilt. I love 'iron dog'. Is he one of your creations? I'm with you on the inch thingies .... Pesky! How are your seedlings going?

  2. Love the 'iron dog' - and how lucky to be able to use something that a friend has made. I always love that.

  3. Very clever finding the Irwin tools, I looked at Bunnings but didn't come up with anything. Great ideas. I am loving this challenge.

  4. I don't do inchies either, and you are lucky to have such a nice little gift. Love the iron dog too.

  5. The Irwin tools was a clever find. Love your 'I's.

  6. Very clever ideas..... maybe we should live closer you with your metic and me with imperial lol umm I think it probably shows our age difference.

  7. Love your iron dog. I try not to do inchies either unless I really have to. I do love looking at them though.

  8. Another great collection and you reminded me of another inchy quilt I have somewhere in this disarray.

  9. I love your iron dog and it is nice to know there is some else as rich as myself in this world...actually in truth I think your 10 rupees is worth more than my umpteen trillion