Sunday, November 25, 2012

Step One

After quilting until my shoulders had had enough, I started piecing the first step of the Easy Street mystery:
Easy Street step 1
The full mystery calls for 192 of these 4-patch units. I'll probably make about 100 for now. So far, 23 sewn and 9 pressed.

Had to stop because my son and his girlfriend were coming for dinner to celebrate his birthday.
These helicopter crashes are getting more elaborate! This one even has a hovering news helicopter.

After dinner we watched the international space station zoom over, which was a lovely way to end the day.


  1. G'day Vireya,
    Amazing who you bump into when you go surfing! - Cheers.

  2. I love the black on whites! And the helicopters... epic!

  3. Loving your 4-patches!

  4. They look great. Sounds like you're making a smaller version. I decided to do that on RRCB, but didn't decide until I'd already done a couple of steps. I ended up making 2 smaller ones, and after 2 years (or is it 3) I just finished the second one yesterday.