Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting Better

My cough is actually improving, but it prompted me to look for this photo I took of a sign in Delhi in 2008:
The guy on the left says that his cough is still no good, and wonders what he should do. The answer is that a cough that continues for more than three weeks could be TB, so he should go and get himself tested at a free TB centre.


  1. Love that raised index finger gesture of "telling". I hope your cough continues to settle down.

  2. Glad to hear your cough is easing. I can relate to the sign. My winter cough went on for almost 8 weeks. Allery to blood pressure medication. No one told me to come back if I developed a cough just when the first round of the perscription finished. Aughhhh! How's the quilting going?

  3. Well that's a good piece of advice to remember, one doesn't want to think about getting TB. So pleased yours is finally improving and you know - it could be adult whooping cough!