Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Last Chance Elephants

The elephants are leaving the city on Friday, and I'm working in the suburbs on Thursday and Friday. Today I caught these five before my lecture:
Sparkly gold "Ranee" by Gillian Forbes, appropriately outside the Treasury Building. Apparently Ranee was the name of Melbourne Zoo's first elephant (also "Queen" in Hindi).

At the Sofitel, "Neo Composite" by Jacqueline Gwynne:

"Lotus" by Kelly Spencer in Gordon Place:

"Mali's Crimson Song" by Mia Rappel in the Fitzroy Gardens:

And "Spot" by Steve Monk in the Treasury Gardens:
To that makes 35 elephants visited. It would have been nice to see them all, but it has been a busy time lately.


  1. You'll have to go to the auction in October

  2. It's been fabulous finding the elephants thru you, thanks. What happens to them now?

  3. Thank you for your tour of the elephants. I love Rusty Mali, still my favourite. Wonder where they will end up after the auction.

  4. These elephants look amazing, I wish I had come to Melbourne to see them. Thanks for sharing them here...