Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Heffalump Hunt

Another trip to the city, another chance to hunt down a few elephants:
Tiger Mali by Andy Murphy above, and Elephantasy by Elise Martinson below. Also below is Mali's Self-Portrait, which I saw in the Myer windows in June.

Mali as Dame Edna! It's Spooky Possum Mali by Pippa Makgill:

For Sally Heinrich's Humangerie, below, the artist used pictures drawn by dozens of school children as the basis for her design:

Faunaphant by Sarah Hogan:

And the last one for today, Urban Jungle by Jake Latimer:

That makes 27 of the 50 so far. They will only be around for another two weeks, so tracking down all of the remaining 23 might be tricky!


  1. I LOVE the spooky possum one. Thanks for the ongoing virtual safari.

  2. I am really enjoying the elephant walk.

  3. Love, love the kids one, it's so very happy. Continue your hunt please.