Thursday, December 29, 2011

Life And Death

The rain we have had in the last year has left the block at Lal Lal green and lush and full of life.
Can you see all the butterflies? No, you can't, but they are everywhere. At every step, several fly up from just in front of your feet. I would need a movie to show you them fluttering everywhere; a photograph just doesn't work.
Occasionally they alight where their camouflage is ineffective - this one is on the car door.

Sadly not everything at Lal Lal is alive. As I was working my way around the block, pulling out hundreds of bluebell creeper plants, I found this poor thing:
A koala.

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  1. How very sad, makes you wonder how/why it died. The flutterbyes would be lovely to see tho, like a whole cloud of them everywhere. They love the native grasses. I must google Lal Lal and see where it is.

    Re your header, go into Design and it should be obvious from there how to add a pic. If not then email me.