Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Butterfly Pair

A pair of butterflies in my garden today:
I think they are a line-blue butterflies, possibly the Double-Spotted Line-Blue (Nacaduba biocellata). But if anyone knows for sure, please leave a comment!

Later:  Many thanks to Dee for identifying them as Long-tailed Pea-blues (Lampides boeticus).


  1. I am certain that you are correct Vireya. The double spot is a give away. ;o)

    Nice photo!

  2. Vireya, my apologies. I started to doubt this id and after confirmation from a very knowledgable friend you can be sure this butterfly is Long-tailed Pea-blues, Lampides boeticus.

  3. Thanks, Dee! And please thank your knowledgeable friend, too!