Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Do Number Three

Busy social day today, with a couple of birthdays to celebrate in the morning, and a Christmas break-up do this afternoon. More details of that available here, where you can also get a better look at how one of those Japanese pouches turned out.

After all the festivities I took advantage of the space at the neighbourhood house to spread out my fabric and check there is actually enough to make the dress. It may not look like it, but there is:
For people who know how these things work, don't panic! There are actually four layers of fabric there. Some pieces I need to cut four of, and of one I need eight. But I only need one or two of all those overlapping pieces closer to the camera, so they will fit. Really.

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  1. all these christmas teasers, we seem to be all very busy with our chrissie "do's" and "doings".