Thursday, September 29, 2011

Visit From A Council Officer

This year I've met lots of people from my local council. I've been to see them about proposed development next door, I've participated in two quilting workshops for council staff, then put their quilt together for them. Then there were various calls and visits with the animal control officer when my dog was attacked.

Today I met the Environmental Health Technical Officer. She came to visit me because one of my neighbours was stung by a bee and complained to the council.

For "privacy reasons" she couldn't say who complained, or when they were stung, but I have an idea.

On Sunday evening a swarm of bees settled in a callistemon right at the back of my yard. After a lot of funny-in-hindsight antics, we caught the swarm, and it is currently living in this make-shift bee hive:
Each night this box is moved a metre or so back towards the original hive, which is behind the trellis fence in the background.

While all the hilarity was in progress, I could hear the neighbours over the back fence out in their yard. I don't know what they were doing, but they seemed a bit excited about something (bee-related maybe?). They also had a bright light shining on their back verandah, which really they should have turned off. Did you know that, like moths, bees are attracted to lights at night? They are normally tucked up safe asleep in their hive, but if you start disturbing a swarm, some of the bees will definitely fly towards any bright light in the vicinity. Just ask the person who was holding the torch (and not wearing a bee suit)...

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the council officer was very happy that all legislation, regulations and by-laws about bee-keeping are being complied with in my back yard. The neighbours have nothing to complain about.

And the bees look like they are settling in to the temporary box (despite the fact that it is not weather-proof, and we've had pouring rain for the last two days), so we may have to get a proper hive for them soon.

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  1. and i'm presuming that Your Bees are tagged bright pink and leave little business cards when they bite. How annoying for you but i'm pleased it ended ok.