Sunday, September 18, 2011

Change Of Plans

I had a few things I was going to do today, but this morning my bees swarmed.

I heard a yell that there was a swarm, so I grabbed my camera and ran outside, but by the time I got there they'd flown too far for me to see without my distance glasses on. Apparently it was pretty impressive.

So instead of going out anywhere, we had to open up the hive and see if there was a problem.
Lots of honey!

There are many busy bees still in the hive, and they've got some queen cells growing. As all the frames in the hive were full, an extra super was added, to give the bees room to expand.

All being well, one of the queen cells will become the new queen of my hive. But it will take a while for her to develop, so we won't know for sure if everything is OK for about a month.

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  1. What an exciting morning you had. Did you have to get all gowned up just as fast also? If you hadn't added the extra super would they have simply flown off? obviously i know nothing about bee keeping.