Saturday, April 16, 2011

AQC - Let's Try That Again

Limping rather than hobbling, I re-visited AQC at the wonderful Exhibition Building.

I saw the quilt displays I had missed on Thursday, and a few more of the retail outlets. In the afternoon I helped out on Nikki's stand, which was a lot of fun except for this:


The theft happened while I was working there - someone took advantage of the fact that we were so busy helping customers to grab the bag and go. If you see this bag anywhere, Nikki would love to know about it. The "Wanted" poster (created by Cam) is a link to Nikki's blog post about the day and this bag.


  1. So glad you made a second trip to AQC
    Sorry to hear about Nikki's loss. Anything like that rattels your faith. Hope the bag turns up.

  2. really tragic, it's hard to understand some people. i think it also happened up at Orange with one of the trader's coats.

  3. What a lousy thing to do. I don't know how they could be so brazen and surely they would not be game to use it anyway!. Glad you managed to limp back and enjoy the Show