Monday, January 3, 2011


Fortunately I did not awaken to a house filled with angry wasps today.
The only one I saw was lying dead on the veranda.

Edit: It is not a native wasp, although I can't tell from this shot if it is definitely the European Wasp, Vespula germanica, or an English Wasp, Vespula vulgaris. I think the marking on the first section of its abdomen looks more like the European one. Museum Victoria have a few pages of information, including a comparison between the two northern hemisphere invaders, and a page of pictures of native wasps. Apart from the way it looks, native paper wasps don't choose wall cavities for their nests.


  1. Well hopefully the rest are in a similar state, but out of sight!

  2. it may be the native paper wasp, they look very similar.