Saturday, January 29, 2011

Joining QAYG Blocks

Started to sew together my pink and blue QAYG blocks, using a dotty pink fabric for sashing. I've got the first row joined:

I'm doing it completely by machine. Below is what it looks like as two blocks are joined together.  It probably won't make sense unless you've done this! The bit of sashing you can see under the foot is the front of the quilt, and the piece off to the left will become the back sashing later:

Here's what the joins look like at the moment.  You can see that the sashing on the back is only joined on one side so far.  Later I'll be pressing it into place, then stitching-in-the-ditch from the front to get that last piece sewn down, but I want to get all the rows assembled to this stage first.
I made the sashings a little too long because it is easier to start sewing them to the blocks that way.  Once the back one is sewn into place, I'll trim the sashing flush with the blocks, and then I'll be ready to join the rows together using the same method.


  1. three cheers, they're looking great. k.

  2. Vierya goodmorning love the colors in your blocks. Thank you for posting your assembly photos. Always good to learn new techniques.
    Looking forward to seeing the finished result.
    Hip Hip Hooray