Friday, January 28, 2011

QAYG - Green and Yellow

I made these a couple of days ago, on Australia Day - but the colours are coincidental! I was cutting strips for the QAYG working bee I'm going to next Tuesday, and got carried away and made these 9 blocks.
They are not cut to the correct size yet - I don't have a square ruler in those old-fashioned inches!


  1. a square ruler is essential for this job, makes square block cutting a breeze, that and a new blade! nice greens and yellows. k.

  2. I do have a square ruler, Kaite, and I agree, it's an essential tool. The problem is that I don't use inches in my sewing, so my ruler is in centimetres. Not a problem when I make things for myself, or make the whole thing. But these blocks will be combined with other people's, so will have to be cut to inch measurements.

  3. Doesn't matter find the the line on your metric ruler that corresponds to inches and put masking tape on for a temporary cutting guide. I do this with my inch ruler if doing multiples.

    I like how bright and cheerful your blocks look. That many blocks in a color range will glue a whole lot of random blocks into a pleasing whole.

    Claps for getting your group going. !!!!!