Sunday, June 13, 2021


My father was not a gardener, but he planted a couple of fruit trees in the backyard of my parents' unit. He made a note on the fence when he planted each of them:

Neither of them have thrived. I'm not sure either of them have actually grown since they were planted.  But the cherry produced a couple of fruit last summer, for the first time.

Rather than seeing them dug up and thrown out when the unit is renovated, I wanted to rescue the trees.

I forgot to take a photo before, but here's a progress shot:


Some roses and an unidentified succulent were also removed. The last photo in this post shows the full haul, but I just cannot get blogger to put it here where I want it.

Cherry in its new home in our orchard:

The lemon tree in a large pot:


I cannot get this photo where I want it.

I hope the transplanted trees will be happy here.


  1. They will grow and the harvest will be great

  2. Oh good luck with those transplants...
    Our two new apple trees are doing pretty well...

    My only rose (brought over from our old house) is loving its new spot near our fence--I think it likes the reflected heat...
    Hugs, Julierose

  3. Your father's plants have gone to a good home where they will be treasured and looked after. It will be interesting to see if they fruit next year.

  4. Well done in getting the plants moved. That lemon already looks very much at home next to the sun attracting wall.

  5. I love that he wrote on the fence. He didn’t have a blog to document, so the fence recording the plantings! With your care, I hope they grow tall.

  6. I hope so too! Gardner that you are, you will nudge some life into them.