Saturday, September 3, 2016

UFO for September

After finishing my August UFO, I did some quilting on another project that will be revealed later this year. But a new month has begun, and this month's random UFO number is 8. (And 71, but fortunately I can ignore large numbers like that!)

My number 8 is my hexagon flower ball, (designed by Geta Grama) which has been in one piece since early last year. But it needs to be appliqu├ęd to a background before it can be turned into quilt. Today at the guild Sit and Sew, I started that:
I'm glad this one came up now, as it is meant to be my hall wall-hanging for spring. Maybe it will be hanging before spring is over?


  1. Hell Vireya,

    Wow this is a stunning hexagon project. How big will it be?

    Happy days

  2. Nice to see this one again - can't wait to see it finished!