Thursday, September 8, 2016

Dot's First Bath

This morning Dot found a little something probably left behind by a fox. She dropped her shoulder and smeared the stinky substance down first one side of her body, and then the other. Nice!

Unfortunately for Dot, we didn't want the revolting odour in the house, so this happened:

She did all she could to escape:

But no amount of eye-rolling was going to stop the wash!

But look how white and clean she looked as she dried off in the window seat:
I think she has forgiven me.


  1. what a riot!! I remember that haunted look "Let me out, let me outta here!" ;00
    from our poodle Jou-Jou--but afterwards it's preening time...hugs what a cutiepie....

  2. Reminds me of the classic picture book " Harry the dirty dog" and also that great Gary Larson cartoon - when the boy dog arrives to take the girl dog out on a date, and he tells her "Oh, Ginger- you look absolutely stunning...and whatever you rolled in sure does stink!"