Saturday, November 29, 2014

State Election Day

There were garage sales, church and school fundraising stalls, and people walking to and from polling booths everywhere today. Election day is always very neighbourly, with people out and about and interacting with each other.

This is the closest booth to home:
But I didn't vote there, despite their coffee and cake fundraising stall. They are always very busy, and the queues can get quite long. Instead I went to the much quieter booth a few streets away, which I first discovered four years ago on the last state democracy day.

Instead of huge crowds, this booth has quiet gardens. There's no fundraising and no queues. Look at their huge staghorn Platycerium superbum:

In the afternoon I started Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt, Grand Illusion, but I'll save pictures of that until the link-up on Monday.

And despite predictions that the election result might not be known for a couple of days, I could go to sleep knowing who was in government.


  1. I've never seen a staghorn plant growing outside before. It looks luxurious. Here they are sometimes grown as houseplants and always look sad and dusty, which they probably are. They grow so slowly; there seems to be no change from one year to the next.

  2. Actually there were no queues this time around, it was the quietest voting day I have ever seen at school! But we did manage to sell 500 sausages!