Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kitchen Plans

Spent a couple of hours at the big Swedish store creating a Ikea-ised version of the architect's kitchen plans:
I had tried it at home, but my computer doesn't have quite enough oomph to deal with the kitchen design program. It was also handy to have the experts on hand to point out the things we had left out or accidentally added in twice. Or the cupboards that had hinges and handles but no doors.

The final price was cheaper than we expected, and probably much less than builders are factoring into their quotes.


  1. Easy enough to do that sort of thing. It is easy to criticize (spelling looks odd!) others but attention to mundane detail requires a lot of concentration and I am sure your final result will be good!

  2. Love your bench tops, the look very familiar. Have you got lots of drawers, I find them really good for baking things.

  3. oh what fun.... I had a new one about 2 years ago the bestest things were a pantry with narrow shelves and two lights above the sink. Looking forward to seeing your finished one.