Saturday, July 19, 2014

Flower 16

Progress so far on the Flower Ball quilt:
In case you haven't see it before, this is my interpretation of Geta Grama's pattern. The layout spreads over nearly the full width of my table now that I am past the half-way mark. I've made it in sections, but the sections won't be stitched together until after I've made all the bits.

Here I am preparing another flower:
I have already made the green pieces. They are sorted into five envelopes according to value. In this picture you can see the medium, medium-dark, and darkest envelopes. I have my "petal" fabrics sorted into piles of the same values. Selecting which ones to use in each flower involves consulting my coloured-in version of the pattern (you can just see part of it towards the top right), another version labelled with values (seen in the gap between the fabrics I'm considering on the right), and looking at what I have already done to make sure I'm not putting the same fabrics too close together.

I am linking this post to Sarah's Help for Hexie-aholics. Check it out!


  1. It looks great. I like the way you're using value to create the idea of shadow. It really looks three dimensional. But what a lot of work you're putting into the planning!

  2. Oh what an inspiration ....I love it and I must get on with mine. but yours is wow

  3. Lovely hexie piece you're working on--the colors are beautiful--so Springlike...hugs, Julierose

  4. It's Beautiful!!! I love all the pinks & lavenders.

  5. I can't remember...are you making the small or large sized flower ball? Yours is really an inspiration to locate the pattern I downloaded somewhere and start thinking about fabrics. You know...cuz I need to start another hexie project :-)

  6. Oh I love Geta's work and this is going to be so gorgeous...