Friday, July 4, 2014

Essendon Quilt Show

Essendon Quilters exhibition started today and goes to Sunday. This morning and friend and I hopped over to have a look around.
It's nice to have a quilt show so close to home! It is at a new venue this year, Moonee Ponds primary school. The hall was decorated with strings of bunting, and it all looked very cheerful, despite the icy winds outside. They don't call Essendon "Windy Hill" for nothing!

We had difficulty making our selections for the viewers' choice quilts. Photos of the quilts are not allowed to be shown, but hopefully this picture of the bunting will give you an idea of the show.
The American flag on the right was because the guild have a sister group in the US, and they run a challenge between the two groups every couple of years. That little corner is where the American and Australian challenge pieces are on display.


  1. If the bunting picture is just a sample - I'd say the quilts on display were a wide variety of fabulous! And having a quilt show close to home is handy, What did you buy?

  2. Going this afternoon, looks great.

  3. Used to always go to that show, wish I had known in time that it was at the school...may have been able to cope with parking more easily there, or rather walking from the parking.