Thursday, May 17, 2012

Random Remembering

Sometimes knowing a bit about computers comes in handy. This morning it got me a bunch of freebies (toothbrushes, toothpastes, fluoride rinse) and some dollars off my dentist bill!

The dentist couldn't access patient records on the computer in his surgery. The assistant and he messed around with it for quite a while, getting nowhere. Then perhaps he remembered something I'd told him previously, because he said to me, "You don't happen to work with computers, do you?"

Perhaps I do. Or did.

This is the first flower on my vireya "Clare Crouch". It is described on its tag as a "medium sized shrub with largish pale pink flowers, 5 or more to a head, and mid green leaves; Flowers: Summer/Autumn; semi shade". I bought it at the Growing Friends plant sale last year, and then nearly bought another one at this year's sale. But I remembered in time, and got a different one instead.


  1. Beautiful soft pink vireya! and glad you could help out at the dentist--and that they showed suitable appreciation:)

  2. The pink petals are so pure, it's beautiful, i could have bought it twice easily too.
    You turned up at the Dentist at just the right time, hope all went well there.