Monday, May 7, 2012


Last time I photographed this sculpture, the trees were white with blossom.
Today, they have their autumn colours, and instead of visiting an exhibition of 300 years of wedding dresses (the link in my previous post no longer works), I was there to see Grace Kelly: Style Icon.

The exhibition was interesting, but far more crowded than I would have liked. The lighting level seems extremely low, or perhaps it was just because I couldn't get close enough that I had trouble reading the labels. There are large-print booklets of the labels available, but they were all in use when I was there. Fortunately you can wander anywhere once you get in, so I jumped ahead to the later rooms where the crowds were a little thinner, then came back to the beginning later. But I didn't enjoy the experience as much as I enjoyed the wedding dresses last year. Perhaps the trick would have been to go in the first week; many sessions are completely booked out now.

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