Thursday, January 12, 2012


This is where I'm up to with the top I started cutting out yesterday:
As I mentioned yesterday, this design is by Bonnie Hunter. She calls it "Story-Time Stars". I've used my own measurements, and added more variation in the blocks than Bonnie used, but I hope mine will be as appealing as hers when it's done.

This is all the blocks, but I've still got lots of sashing to make. The arrangement isn't final - in fact a few blocks have already been moved since I took the picture.


  1. Looks great--lots of colour and variety.

  2. Wow, you must have been sewing all day. Looks great, love the colours and the black and white blocks make a fab contrast.

  3. As I love bright colours it should be no surprise that I like it.
    I have some new nieces and nephews and I thought it would work with I spy central blocks. Only trouble with my gallivanting around and then dealing with the resultant photos, I run out of time for sewing!

  4. That's speed stitching with flair, did you remember to eat and drink a little also?

  5. Thanks, everyone. I was not sewing all day, or skipping meals! I even did some gardening and have the blisters to prove it.

    Kate, it is meant to be for a baby or small child - I've used "I Spy" type fabrics in the centres. With mine, you could also play games like "find the matching square", or shape and colour recognition games. A friend has a small baby who loves bright colours, I think she would really like something like this.