Monday, January 2, 2012

Keeping Out Of The Sun

Forty-degree days are not my favourites; I've stayed inside since about 10am.

The bees keep working, although these ones seem to be avoiding the sun:
Bees in a Tristaniopsis laurina, which is apparently commonly known as the Kanooka or Water Gum. I didn't know what it was, and it took me a bit of searching to find out. There are several planted as street trees near here, and this morning they were attracting a lot of bees.


  1. The Tristaniopsis have a beautiful bark, i have a small one which i planted here 7 years ago, they seem to be very slow growing. Mine has not flowered yet either. I've been following Vic's heat, it's hard to imagine why Vic which is further south than here has such terrible hot days, we had 30 today and tomorrow is predicted as 34, but we only get in to 40 very occasionally. Stay safe in the heat.

  2. Summer is arriving. I remember 40 degree days there and in the southern riverina. Our temps are predicted to climb. 35+ today. A good day for cutting out strips.
    Enjoy whatever you do indoors.