Sunday, July 31, 2011

Open House Day Two

What a lovely day for wandering around the city, checking out some interesting corners!

The police horse exercise yard - pushing the giant ball around prepares the horses for pushing against crowds.
One small child stumped the policeman, "Why don't some people like you?" in discussing the horse's face protector. General laughter, umming and ahhing. Policeman's final answer, "They just don't."

Quilt at La Trobe's cottage:
The bed belonged to La Trobe, but the tour guide didn't have any information about the history of the quilt.

View from offices only a third of the way up Melbourne's first skyscraper:

As those shadows get longer, and all the open buildings close, it's time to head home. Or off to visit an 11-yr-old for her birthday. Happy birthday, Ellie! And then home.

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  1. You had a good weekend discovering the insides of your city. Thanks for the behind the scenes views of Melbourne.