Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Garden Path Idea

Saw this path through a small garden near my work today, so I'm posting it here for someone who I know wants to try something like this:
I didn't look closely enough to notice what they used as a base for the mosaics. I'll have to have another look next time. Has anyone done this? Any tips for the novice?


  1. i enlarged your photo to get a better look, it's fantastic. I haven't done it but i've got a bucket full of broken tile and pottery bits waiting to try it out sometime. We'll have to find a class.

  2. I think I saw something similar on Better Homes and Gardens years ago. You could probably search their website.
    Think they used outdoor pavers and then followed the standard tiling method for the mosaic - adhesive and then grout.

  3. yes i was thinking about this o'night and decided that plain outdoor concrete pavers would make a substantial base for them.
    maybe a Spring job for me.