Saturday, March 26, 2011

Work on a UFO

Spent some time sewing these blocks together. They've been hanging around waiting for me to do something with them for quite some time, but now they're becoming quilted blocks which will be sent to Jan Mac to be made into quilts for victims of floods or earthquakes.

(UFO stands for Un-Finished Object, and I am working on reducing the projects in that category.)

PS: These blocks ended up as a quilt seen here. Wonderful to see them doing something useful instead of sitting around in my sewing room!


  1. very colourful, like a wild Summer garden.

  2. The colors are great. It's nice when you find the motivation to complete a project. Even better when you know it's going to a good home.

    I have a friend who's rule is " when you finish one project you are entitled to start 2 more"
    Go Girl!!