Friday, March 18, 2011

New Succulent

I was given this succulent yesterday. It is labelled "Tradescantia sillamontosa", but a Google search for that only has 5 hits (I guess there will be one more now), 4 of which are one person's flickr picture - which doesn't look like this:
The other is eBay pretending they've got this listed, but they don't.

In other searches I've found what appears to be this plant listed as Tradescantia tomentosa, but that doesn't get many google hits either. Tradescantia sillamontana gets lots of hits, but most of them don't look like this plant.

So I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it is cute.

PS: Thanks to Dee,  for helping out again with identification!  Her information lead me to find out more about Tradescatia and Cyanotis (or ...tus), such as this page. So I have a Cyanotus somaliensis - and it has very cute flowers; I will look forward to seeing them one day.


  1. cute and hairy--did you get it from a shop? Hmmm, word verification is alean . . .

  2. Try having a look at a very closely related plant called Cyanotus somaliensis.

  3. I have noticed that most places seem to spell it Cyanotis, so you will find it more readily with that spelling. It is sometimes called Tradescantia somaliensis as well.

  4. Wow, Dee, that is fantastic! Thank you for helping me out again with identification.

    TT - it was given to me, but it came from a wholesale nursery.

  5. I bought one yesterday. I can just be sure this what I have. Love it .I have named it Mildred.

  6. Bought one yesterday at a local nursery.Love it .Thanks for helping ID it.Mine didn’t have a sticker.So what do you do? SEARCH I have a name for all my plants.This one is Mildred,my sister plant.Possitive ID.