Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sorry Gerry!

Just as Gerry Harvey was getting worked up about people "avoiding GST" by buying things on the internet, my last overseas delivery arrived.

Does Gerry really think it is the GST that people are wanting to avoid by shopping online? The book alone costs only slightly less in Australian bookshops than I paid for the book, the thread, and the postage combined.

Added for Kaite:

If you ever want to find the cheapest place to buy books (or DVDs), go to Booko.  Put in the name of the book or the author, or the ISBN,  and it does a search for you of a whole range of online sellers in Australia and overseas.  It also adds in the postage each seller will charge, so you can see exactly where the best deal is to be had.


  1. which online shop did you buy it from? i'd be interested to know as i have a book i want to get.

  2. yes agreed god when I saw that me and my boyfriend laughed... of course he has a vested interest in keeping sales within the land of the ridiculously overpriced. - ugh prick. Consumers are behaving rationally, australian retailers need to pick there game up and match their prices to compete.