Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quinces in Socks

Kaite at Yarngarden recently posted a picture of one of her apple trees wearing socks. Today she showed it (or another one?) now that she has completed adding a total of 780 socks to her three apples.

That reminded me to show an update of the beautiful quince. It now has socks, too! Not quite 780 of them, though.

The apples are gradually being socked as well. I hope the socks work as well here as they do for Kaite.


  1. fabulous, they look well socked to me. How did you attach the socks? in the first year i used bread ties from Bakers Delight but now i use small cable ties.

  2. somehow I managed to drop off the face of following your blog . . . anyway, it's good to catch up with your bits and pieces

  3. Kaite, at first they were tied with string, but now horticultural twist-tie stuff - similar to bread ties, really.

    TT, Hi!