Friday, July 16, 2010

Colourful Bargains

Today I finally spent a gift voucher given to me last Christmas. I took advantage of some end of season markdowns to buy these three garments.

The floral is a linen skirt which I had seen in the shop and loved for a while. However, when I tried it on I realised why it hadn't sold since summer. The waistband is designed for a person of a very strange shape. Fortunately I can sew, so I can fix that. I bought the largest size to give myself the most fabric to play with, and I will remodel the whole waist to get a wearable skirt for a lot less than what the fabric would have cost me.

The orange-red is a linen dress which was even more of a bargain - already reduced, and now 75% off the lowest marked price. It will be a few months before a short-sleeved linen dress is appropriate for the weather, so in the meantime I can wear the rust-coloured wool knit.

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