Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Good-Bye, Old Car

After 14 years of faithful service, it is time to say good-bye to our old car:
It is no longer registered, and not road-worthy due to a cracked windscreen, but today, (with a special permit) it left our property, and drove down the Midland Highway to Geelong. This was its destination:
YouTurn is an educational establishment for kids who are disengaged from regular schooling. Here they learn literacy, numeracy and trade skills.
Donated cars are used to teach skills such as servicing and repair, panel-beating and spray-painting. Some cars are fixed up and given to needy families, others are used for parts and recycled as much as possible. Whatever happens to our old car, it is better than it sitting here rusting away.


  1. Your car lives on - a great way to say goodbye. This story may resonate http://huff.to/2o5EYUG

  2. Well done. Our ride on mower went to my sons school to work on... that's a great help

  3. Very generous of you. I have seen posts about such projects. The dealer gave us a few extras and took our 12 year old Magna earlier this year. I think the 17 year old Lancer might be another matter.

  4. It served you well and can now service others well....win/win.

  5. Good place to send your car for a second life!