Saturday, June 22, 2013

Scatterday - B

Today's challenge is the letter

and our categories are:
# Library
# Smell
# Equipment
# Blog


Brunswick library, currently closed for renovations. Photo taken on my way home from work. Not at great photo, but as you can see, by 4:50 the sun is nearly setting these days. However, after yesterday's solstice, our days can only get longer!

Hyderabadi Biryani
Biryani. Not my photo - hover over it for the attribution. It's a while since I had any Hyderabadi dum (steamed) biryani, but it is one of the most fragrant dishes you can imagine. And it tastes fantastic, too!

This wonderfully-described piece of equipment was found in a local Chinese junk shop. The picture shows the use of it, even if the words fail. The back of the package isn't much better:
It's a bag sealer! (Although if our letter was "S", I'd be calling it a simple, sibilantly-sliding sealer.)

It is always fascinating to see where blog visitors are from. This is an old screen shot from of visitors to my quilting group's blog, Quilters at Sussex. The "Sussex" refers to the street our neighbourhood house is in, although we do get a few visitors who are really looking for quilting groups in the English county.

So, that's it for the letter B. Be sure to visit Cinzia's blog to see how everyone else met the "B" challenge!


  1. Libraries and books- how would we survive without them?
    It's always interesting to see where the blog readers come from.
    An interesting set of "Bs" indeed.

  2. Oh Vireya - The Bag sealer is precious!! Cheers

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  4. Sometimes the keys jam and there is no where to go but back to the beginning. I loved all the Bees! Must have a sibilant sealer and the bi is a great appetiser.....for now! Would love some for lunch. Have been thru Brunswick many times but never noticed the beautiful deco building

  5. The jamming happened again. ...should be biryani not bi !!!

    1. You are having computer problems! Glad you got there in the end.

  6. Love the old buildings and hate skyscrapers and modern glass ones.... no character in my opinion. Glad to receive upates on what you read.
    Bag sealer instructions definitely sound Chinese to me.
    I also find it interesting where blog readers come from.

  7. Libraries are a wonderful place to relax in. Love your B's and I can smell the Biryani from here...yum.

  8. Well I must admit I had never heard of biryani but after googling it I have it on my list of things to try...once I get my weight down.