Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

One of these things just doesn't belong...
In my change today I noticed that one of my 10c pieces had a different design, which surprised me as I haven't noticed a commemorative 10c before. Then I flipped it over and discovered it had a different head on it as well:
That's not Queen Elizabeth II.

Some years ago I had a less-than-honest boss, who on his frequent trips to the USA would take along bags of 10c pieces to use in parking meters, newspaper vending machines, or any other machine that took quarters. At the time, an Australian 10c piece was worth only about a quarter of the US quarter.  The profit he made on those transactions helped him end up on the "Rich List" published by a certain magazine, I suppose. Whoever spent this quarter won't end up on that list; 10c Australian might be worth more than a US dime, but not that much more.

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  1. Well, Vireya, when I lived in England, i used to put English sixpences in the showers in the Germancamping grounds, but I am a long way from the rich list.