Friday, May 27, 2011

Ballarat Birthday

First I unwrapped all these goodies:
What a bunch of lovely surprises!

Then I caught a train in Sunshine. Amazingly it is $10 cheaper to take a bus to Sunshine to get the Ballarat train, than it is to take a tram into the city to catch it.
Notice lack of actual sunshine. The beanie and gloves from the first photo came in handy straight away!

In Ballarat I received a wonderful birthday present; my mother's confusion has passed — she knew who I was, she knew it was my birthday, we conversed normally. What a gift!
There was even some real sunshine. I had to stop and get a shot of this beautiful tree glowing in the sun as I headed back to the train.

Home again, I found birthday wishes had arrived from far and wide, then had a wonderful dinner (with each dish adorned with candles).

Thank you everyone for a wonderful day!


  1. I believe those gloves and probably the hat too are made out of New Zealand feral possums, just the soft baby ones though.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Vireya!

  3. Belated Happy Birthday wishes from me too, Vireya!
    Wool made with possum fur is so warm and soft. Interesting Fact ... possum fur is a hollow fibre (just like polar bears) which is why it is so much warmer than other furs/wools!
    So glad to hear your Mum has improved, the best birthday present of all :-)

  4. A lovely happy day all up for everyone.
    3 cheers for Mum and for you, great news.

  5. A wonderful post to start my day thank you

    Happy Birthday to you and and the best gift of all your Mother's improvement. Hip healing is not too bad rehab when they let her is most important. I had a replacement 18mo.ago

    Have a great remainder of the weekend.