Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Panel Bag

On Saturday Mum admired my Panel Bag, and said she'd like one made of denim. Today I started working on it, using fabric from several pairs of jeans her grandson either wore out or grew out of.

Today is Mum's birthday, so her present will be a little late, but it's taking shape.


  1. nice idea, and i think your machine might be as old as my Elna tsp, it looks identical. k.

  2. Mine's a Lotus ZZ - I think the TSP has an extra stitch - the 3-step zigzag. I've had this since 1982, but before me it had one owner, an elderly lady who bought it new at Myer, probably in the 70s sometime. The brochure with the prices of the various models written on it was in the box with it.

  3. I bought my Elna new sometime in the 70s, it's electronic and was the newest thing back then. It's called a Sapphire. Yes that left dial does have more options on it.

  4. I love those old Elnas!! They keep on kicking (no excuse for an upgrade, unfortunatley!).

    Do we get to see the finished Panel Bag?

  5. Hi, Nikki!

    The bag's not finished yet, but I'll definitely post a picture when it is.