Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WOW - Unfinshed Quilt

This post is my first chance to participate in Esther's WOW - Work-in-progress On Wednesday. Normally I work on Wednesday, so don't have time for blogging, much less working on projects.

This is a quilt that was meant to be finished by today, for a special birthday. Here it was on Monday this week - not a completed quilt, not even a completed top. Just strips of hexagons, some of which were sewn to other strips.
At that stage I knew I wouldn't even get the top finished by today - there are meant to be a couple of borders on it after the hexagons are together. But I did hope to get all the hexagons joined. Then yesterday, on my second-last join (each of which took an hour, I might add) I made a slight mistake.

You can't tell, but right there I was sewing two incorrect hexagons together, and I didn't realise until I was half-way across the quilt. I couldn't believe I'd done it, and didn't have enough light left to start unpicking, much less complete the piecing.

So today the birthday celebrant received bits of his quilt top, and a promise that I would complete it. He kindly said, "Well, I'll be 50 for a year." So I guess that means I have 364 days left to turn this Work-In-Progress into a Finished Quilt. And because I won't have to be working on it in secret any more, it should be easier to get it done.


  1. It certainly is a Wow, so much to see and so much dimension. Maybe he can't see the mistake, i know i wouldn't be able to. Thanks for showing us, it's wonderful.

  2. I love this quilt and have made a couple of them. They are fun to create but do take some thinking and time. Good job

  3. What a lovely idea to make a quilt for a special birtday.

    Good luck finishing it on time before his 51st!

  4. Wowwww is right; I think these colours have the wow factor. I'm making one too at present Vireya in reds & greens it's a WIP though!!!!, I must pull it out again when the family leave. It was lovely to see your name here. Cheers Glenda

  5. Finished or not, mistake or not it looks fantastic. Happy stitching. Chrisb

  6. 5o for a year! This made me laugh, my children have been waiting 5 years for their birthday quilts!!

  7. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    I've now unpicked the row that wasn't lined up properly. Stay tuned to see the whole thing pieced some time soon...